The Bus d'Abbeville Agglomération (BAAG) network is the public transport authority of the Communauté d’Agglomération de la Baie de la Somme (CABS) whose lines serve its towns.
The Abbevile conurbation bus network
The network is organised around the main town in the Baie de Somme conurbation, Abbeville. Urban and rural lines provide transport services in Abbeville and the surrounding municipalities.
Network users can access all the information they need to plan their journey through a website and an application. BAAG has a fleet of a dozen buses that you can take in the following municipalities:
Abbeville ; Arrest ;  Bellancourt ; Boismont ; Bray-les-Mareuil ; Brutelles ; Cambron ; Caours, Cayeux-sur-Mer ; Drucat ; Eaucourt-sur-Somme ; Epagne-Epagnette ; Estréboeuf ; Franleu ;  Grand-Lavier ; Lanchères ; Mons-Boubert ; Neufmoulin ; Pendé ; Saigneville ; Saint-Blimont ; Vauchelles-les-Quesnoy ; Vaudricourt ; Yonval.

BAAG services
The BAAG transport network sells three flat-rate fares:
  • Rumba: for users taking one of the 7 regular lines.
  • Tango: book the stopping of a bus at the stop and at the desired time, by phone or at the network shop. Tango is intended primarily for neighbourhoods that are not connected to the network by regular lines. Groups and unaccompanied children are not, however, eligible.
  • Évasion : this service is intended for people with reduced mobility. With Évasion, you benefit from a door-to-door service from your home to your destination. To be eligible for this service, you must have an 80% disability card or an exemption. The latter is issued, after a reasoned medical opinion has been given by a service eligibility committee.
A transport ticket is required to travel on the bus network. This ticket depends on your situation:
  • regular passengers can buy a book of 10 tickets, or a monthly or yearly season ticket,
  • occasional passengers and groups can purchase single-use tickets or tickets tailored to their needs.
The BAAG network lines
The BAAG network has 11 lines: 7 urban lines (the first 4 of which are loops) which run through the municipality of Abbeville with the Cité scolaire as an urban network node; and four rural lines.
  • Line 1. Starting from the Cité Scolaire, it crosses boulevard Vauban from which it can either run to the station as the terminus or run past the Hôtel de Ville. From there, she joined the lycée, passing successively through the Champ-de-Mars, Victor Hugo, Ponthieu, before returning to cité scolaire.
  • Line 2. This line follows a route in the opposite direction to line 1. First, it makes a loop between Cité Scolaire-Ponthieu-Platanes-Champ de Mars to the Lycée. From there, it runs by the Hôtel de Ville, from where it can connect up with the train station or the Cité scolaire via Boulevard Vauban
  • Line 3. This line runs between Cité scolaire and Verdun via Vauban and then makes a loop running through Cimetière and Haute fumée and then Chemin du marais-Sucrerie. It then stops at the Hôtel de Ville, the Lycée, Champ-de-Mars, Victor Hugo and the Deux Vallées. From there, this line 3 makes a detour to Trois Châteaux (the terminus) and then to Cité scolaire via Ponthieu-St Gilles.
  • Line 4. This line follows the same route as line 3, but in the opposite direction.
  • Lines 5A and 5R. From Cambron Église, this line runs to Mautort, the Yonval town hall via the route d’Abbeville, the train station and cité scolaire.
  • Lines 6A and 6R. These lines run between Cité scolaire and the station via the Town Hall and Bonaparte and then run to the Bray-les-Mareuil Town Hall via the Route de Rouen.
  • Lines 7A and 7R. Lines 7A and 7R initially run between the Cité scolaire in Abbeville and the town hall of Grand-Laviers via Vauban, La Bouvaque and route nationale 1. It then connects the 4 Arbres to Nestor Letellier, via the Equestrian Centre and the Chemin de Laviers.
  • Line R1. This rural line connects Drucat, Le plessiel and Abbeville.
  • Line R2. This other rural line connects Neufmoulin, Caours and Abbeville.
  • Rural line R3 connects Eucourt-sur-Somme, Epagne-Epagnette and Abbeville.
  • Line R4 connects Vauchelles-les-Quesnoy, Bellancourt and Aubeville.
The bus network of the Communauté d’Agglomération d’Abbeville plays a central role in terms of mobility in the Communauté d’Agglomération de la Baie de la Somme (CABS). It runs between the towns of the region and Abbeville through its 7 urban lines and 4 rural lines.

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Service Transport - BAAG
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