Ametis (Amiens Métropole C.A.)


The AMETIS network serves the metropolis of Amiens. It thus connects 33 municipalities, with a total population of more than 180,000. This transport network includes 37 urban and school bus lines and has more than 130 vehicles. It also offers a bicycle rental service: Buscyclette (some 1,900 two-wheelers).
The urban lines of the Ametis network
The Amiens bus network has a total of 16 urban lines. The first four lines allow everyone to travel between the conurbation's major passenger interchanges: train stations, shopping centres, universities, hospitals, etc. These are the Nemo and Lianes lines. They run from Monday to Sunday and offer a bus every 8 to 10 minutes during rush hours. They are supplemented by proximity lines: numbered from 5 to 16, they run between the conurbation's main points and the town's districts and to the neighbouring municipalities of Amiens. The latter include: Allonville, Vers-sur-Selle, Bertangles, Sains-en-Amiénois​, Longueau, Saveuse, Dury, Remiencourt, Estrées-sur-Noyes, Creuse, Camon, Saint-Vaast en Chaussée and Querrieu. In addition to the urban lines, the Ametis network offers a "Cœur de Ville" shuttle service. As its name suggests, this shuttle exclusively serves the Amiens centre. It has the particularity of being free of charge throughout the year.
Ametis' 14 school lines
Known as Tempo lines, the school lines of the Ametis network can be recognised by their numbers (between 31 and 49) preceded by the letter T. They run between the main schools in the Amiens area. The Tempo lines thus serve 17 middle schools, 12 high schools and the University of Picardie Jules Verne (UPJV). They also allow you to travel to the local ADAPEI or the ESAT "Les Alençons" (located in the municipality of Camon). While they facilitate the journeys of pupils and students, Tempo lines remain accessible to all users.
Ametis and its RESAGO on-demand service
The Amiens bus network includes three transport-on-demand lines. Known as RESAGO, this service runs between Amiens and the outlying municipalities. It allows you to easily travel to:
- The south east of Amiens: Camon, Remiencourt, Thézy-Glimont, Estrées-sur-Noye, Grattepanche, Saint-Sauflieu, Rumigny, Hébécourt, Creuse, Revelles, Pissy, Guignemicourt and Clairy-Saulchoix
- To the east: Camon and Rivery
- To the north: Saint-Vaast en Chaussée, Vaux en Amiénois, Cardonnette and Querrieu
Ametis and its Buscyclette service
Busyclette is a bicycle rental service. Associated with the bus network, it offers a varied fleet of bicycles in Amiens: ordinary and electrically-assisted bicycles, mountain bikes, folding models, children's bicycles, adaptive bicycles, tricycles, tandems, etc. The very active Busyclette service doubles up as a bicycle school, organises bicycle outings and provides assistance in schools and companies. It also has a parking facility with 180 spaces: they are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and are located on the n-1 level of the Amiens SNCF train station.
The Amiens Conurbation's bus/bicycle transport network allows you to get around quickly in the Amiens town centre and of course travel to the various districts and schools.  Its inter-town service promotes travel between Amiens and the other municipalities in the conurbation.


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