CAC school season ticket

Reserved for high school pupils living in one of the 49 municipalities of the CAC (Cambrai agglomeration community)*, attending a public or private high school located within the CAC.Transport is free of charge. There is a charge of €12 per school year for the issue and/or renewal of the Pass Pass card.This card enables users to make as many journeys on the TUC** Cambrai transport network as required within a day, week or year, to travel to and from middle or high school, as well as any other destination (e.g. library, cinema, swimming pool, sports centre). It is issued by Vectalia, located at 4 rue du Cambrésis, 59407, Cambrai.

Network(s) : CA Cambrai

Target market(s) : Other

Validity duration : 9 months

Frequency : Regular

Fares : 0,00€

PassPass card available : No

Required receipts : No

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