7 day pass

It allows unlimited travel on the network for 7 consecutive days from the date of the 1st validation. During your first purchase of Pass'7 Jours, if you do not have a Pass Pass card, you will be asked for 5 € for the creation of the card. Contactless support: Carte Pass Pass I do not have a Pass Pass card to charge my Pass'7 Days, points of sale: Boutique Marinéo I already have a Pass Pass card, recharging points: Boutique Marinéo - Points Pass Pass - Drivers

Network(s) : Marinéo

Target market(s) : All audiences

Validity duration : 1 week

Frequency : Casual

Fares : 9,00€

PassPass card available : Yes

Required receipts : No

Find out more about the various products available per sales outlet from the appropriate network. : Marineo (CAB)