It allows unlimited travel on the network for 12 months from the date of the 1st validation on the bus. To obtain your Pass'ELIT you must have: A valid identity card Proof of address of less than 3 months An identity photo > In case of subscription on the website or by mail: a recent and good quality photo > For any creation of your card in Boutique Marinéo: The sales agents will take your photo directly on site Your payment When you purchase a Pass'ELIT for the first time, if you do not have a Pass Pass card, you will be asked for € 5 to create the card. > In cash: All payments by check should be made payable to BTC > In the event of a direct debit (on the 6th of each month), please attach: - The payer's identity card - A RIB or RIP - The SEPA CORE Direct Debit mandate (to be completed directly in your Marinéo Boutique or for any subscription by mail by clicking here - The first monthly payment of 30 € (payment in cash, by check or by credit card) Contactless support: Carte Pass Pass Points of sale: Boutique Marinéo - Courrier Student, take advantage of the ELIT ETUDES card at 20 € / month for 9 months the last 3 months free. More information here

Network(s) : Marinéo

Target market(s) : Tout public

Validity duration : 1 year

Frequency : Régulier

Fares : 300,00€

PassPass card available : Yes

Required receipts : No

Find out more about the various products available per sales outlet from the appropriate network. : Marineo (CAB)